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Gel Charts

Violet  Blue  Green  Yellow  Orange  Red - Magenta 

Lee Color Range: Violets

nr  Product  Effect / Color 
003  Lavender Tint  Subtle cool wash for stage and studio 
169  Lilac Tint  Ballroom - dance - backlight - front of house 
136  Pale Lavender  Set lighting - discos - theatres 
052  Light Lavender  Set dressing, pantomimes and musicals 
170  Deep Lavender  Set lighting, discos 
345  Fuchsia Pink  Musical revue, sultry scenes 
048  Rose Purple  Musical revues, discos, etc. 
126  Mauve  Cycloramas, good for backlighting 
343  Special Medium Lavender  Theatre and TV effect lighting 
180  Dark Lavender  Pleasing effects for theatrical lighting 
058  Lavender  Backlight 
194  Surprise Pink  With 193 for musicals 
344  Violet  Dusk effect, good skin tones 
142  Pale Violet  Moonlight, Cycloramas 
137  Special Lavender  Romantic scenes, enhances skin tones 
053  Pale Lavender  Subtle cool wash 
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Lee Color Range: Blues

nr  Product  Effect / Color 
218  Eight C.T.B  Converts tungsten to daylight 
203  Quarter C.T.B  Converts tungsten to daylight 
061  Mist Blue  Night scenes, cool wash 
202  Half C.T.B  Converts tungsten to daylight 
063  Pale Blue  Cycloramas, cool wash 
117  Steel Blue  Gaslight effect when used in conjuction with 213 
353  Lighter Blue  Daylight effects 
140  Summer Blue  Warm Blue, tint wash 
172  Lagoon Blue  Floodlit warm wash, underwater scenes 
144  No Colour Blue  Moonlight for green seas 
118  Light Blue  Strong night effect 
183  Moonlight Blue  Moonlight, Cycloramas 
352  Glacier Blue  Cold Blue, Good for cool atmospheric settings 
174  Dark Steel Blue  Set Lighting -Creates good moonlight shadows 
196  True Blue  Moonlight 
281  Threequarters C.T.B  Converts tungsten to daylight 
201  Full C.T.B  Converts tungsten to photographic daylight 
161  Slate Blue  Moonlight and dusk 
165  Daylight Blue  Moonlight 
141  Bright Blue  Pretty or romantic moonlight 
143  Pale Navy Blue  Moonlight, Cyclorama night effect 
366  Cornflower  Seasonal mood lighting, Pale moonlight 
200  Double C.T.B  Converts tungsten to daylight 
132  Medium Blue  Set lighting, travelling matt blue 
068  Sky Blue  Night effect, Cycloramas 
075  Evening Blue  Good for night scenes, romantic moonlight 
197  Alice Blue  Moonlight, Cycloramas 
079  Just Blue  Cycloramas 
119  Dark Blue  Mood effects, jazz clubs, etc. 
363  Special Medium Blue  Cool moonlight, mood effects 
195  Zenith Blue  Moonlight for dark sets, cycloramas 
120  Deep Blue  Pleasing effect for theatrical lighting 
085  Deeper Blue  Moonlight, strong back lighting 
198  Palace Blue  Dark moonlight, romantic evening 
071  Tokyo Blue  Deep blue, use for midnight scenes 
181  Congo Blue  Theatre and television effect lighting 
116  Medium Blue-Green  Pleasing effect for theatrical lighting 
115  Peacock Blue  Pleasing effect on sets, back lighting, etc. 
131  Marine Blue  Underwater scenes, romantic moonlight 
354  Special Steel Blue  Cooling blue-green wash for stage 
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Lee Color Range: Greens

nr  Product  Effect / Colour 
241  Fluorescent 5700 Kelvin  Converts tunsten to fluorescent light 
219  Fluorescent Green  General tungsten to fluorescent correction 
323  Jade  Use for underwater scenes 
322  Soft Green  Cool green, use for gobo cover 
242  Fluorescent 4300 Kelvin  Converts tungsten to fluorescent 
325  Mallard Green  Good for mood setting, undergrowth 
327  Forest Green  Deep green, forest scenes 
090  Dark Yellow Green  Highlighting for forest effects 
139  Primary Green  Set lighting, cycloramas 
089  Moss Green  With gobos for forest green 
124  Dark Green  Cycloramas, good for backlighting 
243  Fluorescent 3900 Kelvin  Converts tungsten to fluorescent 
122  Fern Green  Cycloramas, good for mood effect 
088  Lime Green  Use with gobos for leafy glades 
138  Pale Green  Good with gobos for wooded scenes 
244  Lee Plus Green  Approximately equivalent to CC30 green 
213  White Flame Green  Absorbs ultra violet 
245  Half Plus Green  Approximately equivalent to CC15 green 
246  Quarter Plus Green  Approximately equivalent to CC075 green 
278  Eight Plus Green  Provides very slight green cast 
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Lee Color Range: Yellows

nr  Product  Effect / Colour 
208  Full C.T.O +.6nd  Converts daylight to tungsten 
230  Super Correction L.C.T Yellow  Converts yellow carbon arc to tungsten 
207  Full C.T.O +.3nd  Converts daylight to tungsten 
232  Super Correction W.F  Converts white flame arc to 3200K 
285  Threequarters C.T.O  Converts daylight to tungsten light 
009  Pale Amber Gold  Late sunlight 
205  Half C.T.O  Converts daylight to tungsten 
130  Clear  Used in animation and projection work 
442  Half C.T Straw  Converts 6500K to 4300K 
013  Straw Tint  Sunlight wash with gobos 
443  Quarter C.T Straw  Convert 6500K to 5100K 
206  Quarter C.T.O  Converts daylight to tungsten light 
223  Eight C.T.O  Converts daylight to tungsten light 
444  Eight C.T Straw  Converts 6500K 5700K 
159  No Color Straw  Warm effect, sunlight 
226  Lee UV  Transmission of less than 50% at 410nms 
212  L.C.T Yellow  Reduces c.temperature of low carbon arc to 3200K 
007  Pale Yellow  Sunlight 
100  Spring Yellow  Sunlight wash, dark skin tones 
101  Yellow  Sunlight and window effect 
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Lee Color Range: Oranges

nr  Product  Effect / Colour 
102  Light Amber  Lamplight effects - dawn sun effects 
104  Deep Amber  Mood effect on backings 
015  Deep Straw  Strong mood effect on backings 
441  Full C.T Straw  Converts 6500K to 3200K 
204  Full C.T.O  Converts daylight to tungsten light 
236  HMI (to tungsten)  Converts HMI to 3200K 
179  Chrome Orange  Converts CTO to 3200K
020  Medium Amber  Late sunlight 
147  Apricot  Sunrise, sunset, lamplight 
105  Orange  Mainly light entertainment 
237  CID to tungsten  Converts CID to 3200K 
134  Golden Amber  Fire effect 
158  Deep Orange  Fire effect 
021  Gold Amber  Fire effect, sunset 
135  Deep Golden Amber  Fire effect 
022  Dark Amber  Backlight 
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Lee Color Range: Reds

nr  Product  Effect / Colour 
025  Sunset Red  Warm stage wash 
166  Pale Red  Cycloramas 
019  Fire  Disco, fire effect 
164  Flame Red  Fire effect 
024  Fire Red ballroom sets, fire effects 
182  Light Red  Theatre and television effects 
106  Primary Red  Strong red effect, cycloramas 
026  Bright Red  Cycloramas 
027  Medium Red  Cycloramas 
341  Plum  Romantic,atmospheric set lighting 
127  Smokey Pink  Cycloramas, set lighting 
046  Dark Magenta  Very strong pink, good for backlighting 
113  Magenta  Very strong 
148  Bright Rose  Fire effects, musicals 
332  Special Rose Pink  Light entertainment 
128  Bright Pink  Cycloramas, backlighting 
328  Follies Pink  Dramatic stage lighting 
002  Rose Pink  Strong pink wash 
111  Dark Pink  Good for cycloramas 
192  Flesh Pink  Musical and pantomime key lighting 
036  Medium Pink  Front of house lanterns 
110  Middle Rose  Pleasing effect for theatrical lighting 
039  Pink Carnation  Soft, cool pastel pink 
247  Lee Minus Green  Approximately equivalent to CC30 magenta 
035  Light Pink  Musical reviews 
153  Pale Salmon  Backlighting in conjunction with white light 
248  Half Minus Green  Approximately equivalent to CC15 magenta 
249  Quarter Minus Green  Approximately equivalent to CC75 magenta 
279  Eight Minus Green  provides very slight correction 
162  Bastard Amber  Warm white, warm wash 
152  Pale Gold  Interior lighting for enhance skin tones 
154  Pale Rose  Lamplight 
151  Gold Tint  Pleasing effect for theatrical lighting 
004  Medium Bastard Amber  Naturally enhances skin tones 
108  English Rose  Warm tint wash 
176  Loving Amber  Sunrise backlight 
109  Light Salmon  Interesting backlight 
107  Light Rose  Mood effect on backings 
157  Pink  Dance sequences 
193  Rosy Amber  Warm, emotional, romantic 
008  Dark Salmon  Enhances dark skin tones, sunsets 
238  CSI (to tungsten)  Converts CSI 3200K 
017  Surprise beach  Skin tones, mood light 
156  Chocolate  With 103 straw to produce candlelight 
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